In 5 dino mein aapko apni  asafalta ka raj pata chal jayega ,

aur inhi 5 dino mein aapko apni safalta ka raaz bhi pata chal jaeyga.

Aapko bhi maloom hai,life me Discipline hota toh aaj aap kaha hote...abhi bhi der nahi hui hai..jab jaago tab savera .

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How Does Habit Replacement 5Day Workshop Work?

The Habit Replacement 5 Day workshop has a total 5 modules, All Modules will be Pre-Recorded Videos. After Every Module you have to complete the Given Homework and You Have To Pass The test. After Clearing the Test, you would be eligible to go in the Next Module. live doubt clearing option is also available through WhatsApp and a Mega live webinar After Last Module with a bang. You will get access to a total of 1.30 hrs of recorded content and about 1.30 hrs of live session.

Recoded Video

Live Sessions

Mega Webinar

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Why do you need my 

5 Day

Habit Replacement   Workshop?

  • Motape se chutkara.   
  • Subah jaldi uthna.
  • Talne ki adat se mukti.
  • Mobile ki lat se mukti.
  •  Daaru ki lat se azadi.
  • Alas se chutkara.
  • Makkari se azadi.
  • Chugli karne se azadi. 
  •  Fizul kharch se mukti.
  • ...........aur bhi hain.

What you will learn Over 5 Value Packed Days?

 kam se kam is baat ka ahsaas ho jayega ki  apan kaha galat jaa rahe hain.

Aur agar lagan se course kiya toh aapko 24 gandi adatein aapko chhod kar chali jayengi. 

Aur Badi badi research ye dawa kar chuki hain aapko karodpati banne ke liye sirf  7 acchi adatein daalna hai.

Habit Identification and Marking

This Technique will help you identify your Good Habits and Bad Habits & How You Can Mark Them.

The Affirmation Technique

The Success Scripts Which will Change The Bad Stubborn Habits.

The Level of Consciousness

it’s the stage where you will understand Mindfulness.

6 Practical ways to help you to develop Perseverance.

Here you will learn, How to develop Perseverance For Your New habits?  

The Basis of a Strong Mind-set

will help you prepare yourself for new habits Formation.

The Momentum & Reward

Here you will know the power of Momentum and Rewarding Yourself to help to build a new Habits.

The Strong Burning Desire

Here you will understand the difference between wish and desire through worksheet.

The Power of the Declaration

you will know how important it is?

What’s in the course


Day-1: How to Identify the Habits you want to change & Look at what you are getting out of it.

This is Day-1 Pre-Recorded Video, within 24 hrs You can Watch any Time. Here You will Learn what you have to do with your Habits and why you have to work on it with practical technique.


Day-2: How to have a Strong Mindset?

In day-2 You will Learn how to become mentally strong because habits can change easily with strong mind-set.  

Some people call it grit. Others call it perseverance. Whatever name you give it, a strong mind-set is a trait shared by the world's best performers - whether they are entrepreneurs, leaders, musicians or athletes.


Day-3: Strong Burning Desire - How to use the Power of Burning Desire?

In Day-3 You will Learn the Executive Function System, Craving, Habit Energy System and GIGO Rule.  


Day-4: Power of Declaration & Affirmations - How do i stop being Lazy & Procrastinating?

In Day 4 you will know, How to stop Procrastination and Practical Techniques (Anti-Procrastination Strategies), Home Works to break it.  We will understand the Ultimate source of energy. 


Day-5: Resolve to Persist, Understand Momentum & Reward yourself?

In Day-5 you will learn 6 ways to help you develop persistence. Creating New habits not so easy because of our past habits, Here we will learn through techniques.


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Virendra Mishra 

(Life Coach & Motivational Speaker)

I works as Life Transformer, Life Navigator and Life Coach for those who willing to take charge of their own life. Helping People to create dream Life, Achieve what they really want to be and Happily Balance Their Life. 

I Have Trained More 5000 Peoples in Career Skills From Different Platforms. 

I Found our Habits are Base of our Future so I Have Designed Habit Replacement Workshop, Where you can learn how you can replace your habit into a new habit. Sometimes we tried hard to do something and we know that what is important for us and what we have to do but we don't do because of our habits.  

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Arpit Jain


Powerfull Training

Habit Replacement Training by Virendra Sir is very powerful. I have seen changes within myself like doing Meditation daily, Reading books & developing good habits.

Dr. Yasmin Khan 

Ph.D. Professor & Trainer 

Career Booster For Me 

Guys if you really looking for Real Practical Change this men can do wonders in your life. Strongly Recommended.

Yogesh Sahu


Very Helpful Course 

As one of my friend told me once "Brother you should manage your Time and don't delay things" I was like "dear I am working but not able to do it" then I found This Course it Helps me a lot to Handle it. 

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What do I get when I Enrol For This Course?

You get access to all course lessons within 24hr. And the course layout is incredibly easy to use. You’ll be learning effortlessly just a few minutes after access.

Who is this course for?

Students, freelancers, entrepreneurs and anybody else who thinks bad habits are holding them back in life. Anybody who cannot stay consistent with new practice routines or good work habits.

Who is this not for?

Anybody with perfect self-control and consistency. Anybody not willing to change their everyday habits and routines a bit in order to get results.

How long is the course? Will I have time for this?

The Habit Replacement 5 Day workshop has a total of 5 modules, First day would be Course Introduction Webinar on the beginning of the workshop, everyday recorded videos, live doubt clearing sessions everyday and a mega webinar After Last day Module to end the workshop with a bang. You will get access to a total of 1.30 hours of recorded content and about 7 hours of live content throughout the week.

Do I need to buy anything special or additional to make this work?

Nope. Everything you need is in the course.

I still have questions. How do I contact you?

No problem. Send me an email at virendramishra090@gmail.com 

Btw, you are not the first to take the Habit Replacement Workshop

More than 5000+ people from all over the India have taken my Habit Replacement Training.
So trust me, you won’t be disappointed!!

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